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BUYING PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER: My e-Newsletter, THE GOLD CORNER, will also provide guidance and recommendations on the best sources for physical GOLD and SILVER. I support the holding of Gold and Silver in the following forms:

  • Gold Coins (American Gold Eagles; Canadian Maple Leafs; South African Kruggerands; Mexican 50 Pesos, 1.2 oz.; .999 )
  • Gold Bars ( 1 oz.; 5 oz; 10 oz.; 100 oz.)
  • Silver Coinage ( Pre-1964 US Coins; Silver Eagles; Rare Coins)
  • Silver Bars: ( 1 oz.; 5 0z.; 10 oz.; 100 oz.) Mints: Johnson Matthey; Englhard; NWTM -Northwest Territorial Mint); Pan American Silver)
Five Dollar Coin

Silver Eagle One Dollar Coin

WHY BUY SILVER ? Insofar as Silver is concerned, I am very enthusiastic about this precious metal, the "sister" of gold. Silver is in short supply and is needed for industrial, technological and medical usage. At $13 per oz. it is terribly undervalued currently. It trades in a 50:1 ratio with gold. which means that fifty ounces of silver are required to buy one ounce of gold. The true historical ratio should be 16:1 or even less. When the ratio goes back to its' historical norm, silver will be about $42 per oz. Then it will move much higher. In my e-Newsletter, THE GOLD CORNER with Murray S. Fradin I will be explaining how to buy both precious metals as well as recommending specific Gold and Silver Mining Companies. I will also be highlighting Copper, a key industrial metal.


In my Newsletter, THE GOLD CORNER, I will be highlighting where to get the best deals on physical gold and silver. This will be a permanent feature. Look for it!